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Don’t you love WWII fighter aircraft?

Hello, I am Will Escutia, founder of CyberBoardz.
I have been attracted to aircraft since I was a kid. Then, I learned to fly, built my first kit airplane, and flew it whenever I could.
I have an engineering degree and previously I founded a light aircraft manufacturing company in California before deciding to start CyberBoardz.

Behind The Brand

I love building plastic models of my favorite WWII fighters. Looking at them when completed is sheer joy.
As my life started to get busy, however, I found I lacked the time to build them.

I also discovered desk space was scarce making it difficult to show them to my friends. If I wanted to take them with me this required difficult logistics …
and models do not include readily available technical information.

I decided there should be an alternative by blending 21st-century technology with the classical high-touch delight of the aircraft models, and after two years of research and development, the 3D AR card was born.

How a Cyberboardz card
is made


They are a fun way to learn a piece of history




One friend stated that these are museum-grade collectibles




I showed these two cards to a couple of friends. They were very impressed, as I am

Obin r

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