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Difference between High and Low G shooting
When the fighter wings are level with the horizon the tracer's path looks straight. The bullets will hit whatever happens to be in the crosshairs assuming the range is not too large.
When the fighter is in a shallow bank the path of the tracers will appear curved. If the fighter is banking to the right slightly (upper left pic) the tracers would look as if they are curving slightly to the left (upper right pic). In this case, the pilot will need to pull some lead to hit the enemy aircraft because the bullets are not hitting the place where the crosshairs coincide.
If the bank is too pronounced to the right (high-G maneuver, see lower left picture), the tracer path is highly curved to the left (see lower right picture). The bullets are hitting far beyond the collimator ring. In this case, the pilot needs to pull a lot of lead, to the point that the target aircraft may not be visible and the pilot should guess the enemy's position.
If the enemy is maneuvering hard and you are attempting to shoot him down using tracking shots, you will have to use high-G shooting which is difficult.
In this case, using tracking shots may be more advisable.

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