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The B-17G
The B-17G was an improvement over the B-17F and included a new Bendix chin turret to defend against the deadly 12 o'clock high attack (frontal attack) launched by German fighters.
The armor plate protected every crew member from tail attacks, but it was practically ineffective when the bomber was attacked from the front quarter.
German pilots attacking from the front aimed at the cockpit and if attacking from the rear they aimed at the engines.
The B-17G could carry a maximum bombload of 12800 pounds when carrying 8 x 1600-pound armor-piercing bombs, and less if carrying bombs of other sizes as shown on the table.
The combat radius was reduced when using the maximum bombload since the bomber could carry less fuel.
A mission would be flown at about two-thirds of the maximum speed to reduce fuel consumption, otherwise, the combat radius would shrink considerably.

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