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German aircraft production

When the war started, German aircraft production was job-shop-like and aircraft were manufactured in parallel.

Germans employed highly skilled labor to manufacture high-quality aircraft in many versions.

In 1939, Germany produced 8,295 aircraft, while Great Britain manufactured 7,940 (and Russia 8000).

During 1940, the first whole year of the war, production levels reached 10,241 in Germany and 15,049 in Britain (the USSR had not fully mobilized yet, but it still produced 10,385 aircraft that year).

During the war, munition output production tends to follow a "logistic growth curve". This curve shows a gradual increase at the beginning, followed by rapid acceleration until a maximum is reached.

An economy that is properly mobilized for war shows that the maximum is reached pretty fast.

Both, GB and the USSR mobilized quickly, but not Germany.

Late in the war, Germany attained higher production levels than GB and similar to the USSR by introducing conveyor production and unskilled labor. But by then the initiative had passed to its enemies.

The slow mobilization of its aeronautical industry is one of the main reasons for the loss of air superiority by the Luftwaffe.

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